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Our VoicePrint engine leverages advanced machine learning and linguistics to encode the subtle contours of an individual’s vocal tract into unique voiceprints. Simply by uttering a phrase, we can match these complex voiceprints with over 99% accuracy, significantly exceeding the reliability of fingerprints or facial recognition.

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VoxMind AI was founded with the goal of revolutionizing personal identity security and authentication.

Our AI-powered system quickly confirms your identity through your voice alone, offering protection even against the most advanced AI threats.

We believe that voice biometrics is the key to a more secure future, and we are dedicated to making this technology accessible to everyone.

Our Team

Experienced Team

Our team brings together world-class expertise in machine learning, speech recognition, and biometrics with decades of experience building and scaling cloud-based software companies. We leverage an interdisciplinary engineering team with PhD-level capabilities in neural networks, acoustics, linguistics, and algorithms.

Additionally, our business leadership integrates deep knowledge of the cybersecurity and identity spaces with start-up savvy to effectively productize our innovations. This fusion of academic rigor, entrepreneurial ability, and subject matter focus equips us to translate bleeding edge voice AI into accessible solutions that deliver tangible value. Our blend of talent is uniquely positioned to transform this technology into commercial success.

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